Big Changes for Star of Destiny
Posted by: Drew on Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:33 PM
Alright, so this is a bit of a doozy post. So I'm not gonna waste time and just flat out say what's happening, and THEN I'll explain why.

We are restarting/rebooting Star of Destiny.

That's right. We're going back to chapter 1 and doing this all over again. And obviously, we're changing stuff along the way.

So why are we doing this? I'm why. I'm 100% why. Allow me to explain. Since around a year ago... I've been growing unhappy with Star of Destiny as it is. As I work on other stories of mine, like Snowbound and Kingdom of Ebias, I find they're becoming so much better than I had planned or expected. However, the opposite is the case for Star of Destiny. I always hailed it, in my mind, as my best story. And in terms of how big of a world it was and how developed the world itself was, yes, it is the best.

But the truth is, the story's suffered a lot. Everything we've made up to this point has been based on story I wrote years ago. The first three chapters were all written within 2 months of the first page being made. After that, I didn't write more scripts until we finally began chapter 3, and even the scripts I wrote then are TERRIBLE. Around chapter 7, I completely rewrote chapters. I changed the story around so much and so often (I've had about 4 or 5 completely different versions of events since we began chapter 7). And while, yes, these changes are good... it doesn't fix the first eleven chapters (chapters 10 and 11 would be based on the old writing). It's just awful to me, and I think it's awful to many of you, which could be why I can't get readers to stick.

So I talked with Cathy about it and she expressed two major problems that currently exist in the story, problems I can easily see too. I also spoke with others about the story and characters, and in general I got a lot of "Yea, the story needs to improve."

So screw it! I had planned to redo the first few chapters anyway, so why not reboot the whole thing, alter the story to fix the problems we have, and then go from there?

As such, I'm going to outline some of the changes you'll see with this reboot.

1. We're going to take longer to start releasing it. Why? Because of #2.

2. We're going to design everything first. All the cities and towns, all the characters, everything will be designed and we'll know what everything looks like before we make a single page! We're gonna make a world map and show it off to you all!

3. Several characters will be getting redesigns. These were already planned before I made this decision, but we're going to roll them with the reboot. The characters being redesigned are: Star, Vaeon, Dhamus, Raina, and Manaas. Everyone else will be untouched.

4. We're cutting some characters out who don't serve a purpose. I'm still unsure who is being cut, but I'm pretty sure any character we've seen up to this point already is safe. It'll mainly be characters who were to be used in the future who vanish.

5. We're changing when some characters are introduced. You won't properly meet Cirana, Manaas, Raina and Leon until later.

6. The intro is being completely reworked. I'm not going to give the details on it, but I will say it'll be more dramatic and should make that first chapter opening more interesting.

7. We're making the story shorter. Prior to this reboot, Star of Destiny would've been at least 200 chapters long (assuming an average of 25 pages per chapter). However, we're changing that. First, every chapter will be 40-50 pages, with the intro chapter being possibly up to 60. Second, because we'll be moving the story at a faster pace, it won't be as long. Instead of 100 chapters at 50 pages, we'll be looking at 60 to 70 chapters. Well, that's what I hope. Hopefully I'll stay on target and NOT get my ship blown up by Darth Vader.

So yea, that's about it. While we're doing this, we'll be taking feedback from readers about the story, so if you want to provide some, please do! You can send a reply to me on tumblr - - when this gets posted there, or you can leave me a comment on deviantART - - when this gets posted there! Either way, feedback on what you did and didn't like about the current chapters of Star of Destiny is appreciated.

As for the old pages... once we start the new pages, the old ones will be moved into "legacy". They'll be kept around and you can read em, if only to see how bad we once were.

That's it from me! Take care everyone!


Finally Some News!
Posted by: Drew on Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:28 AM
Alright, it took a bit of time but I finally have some news regarding Star of Destiny. I figured I'd share it with you all.

Now I know it's been a while since I made any updates about it. That's mostly because I've not had anything to update about. This has been the first bit of real news I've had in a while!

First, I'll cover the obvious: we're still on hiatus. We're taking a rather slow pace with fixing up everything, since we don't want to rush through this and deliver something that we feel doesn't live up to what we're after. I still can't say when this hiatus will end. However, while this is the case, I do have some good news!

You may recall that back in September, when we first went into this hiatus, I had talked with Janaka ( ) about doing an alternate universe story for Star of Destiny, something that would use the same characters (Several of whom hadn't been introduced in the main story yet) but be its own story idea. At the time, the plan fell through because of some disagreements on certain aspects of the story.

Janaka wasn't the only person I discussed the idea with, though. After that falling out I spoke with Lily ( ), an artist whom I've been friends with since 2008 and who contributed a good deal of feedback that led to the hiatus of Star of Destiny. I proposed the idea of working with her for the AU story, but at the time she couldn't do it. She told me when she got a new computer and had less work to do, I could go back to her.

Recently she got that new computer, and we've had a few chats since then about doing the AU story, including me sending her some of the development files I had, but we made no concrete plan on when to start things.

We were talking last night, and finally we laid out everything we needed to (The cost per page, the payment schedule, the work process, and when we'd start having pages by), and by the end of January I should have pages. I still need to work out how often I'll see pages after that so I can arrange an update schedule, but this'll be that by the end of January, we should start having something to update with!

So for those who've actually been sticking around and waiting patiently, thank you very much! I actually can't wait to show the AU off, as I feel like it shows off a huge difference in my writing style between when I wrote the chapters we've done in Star of Destiny and what I write now. I'll be trying to throw up any teaser stuff I can on my tumblr ( ) account, so if you're not following me there then you should get on that. Or you can follow me on Twitter, which crossposts everything I post to Tumblr ( ).