Star of Destiny Archive
Chapter 1 - I Am Skye McCloud
Meet Skye McCloud, a wandering warrior. He's returned to his home, Taloz, where he is greeted by old friends. However, it seems not everything is well; someone has gone missing, and Skye must find out where they are.

The beginning of Star of Destiny, this chapter introduces the main male and female leads, Skye McCloud and Star Yunai, as well as a number of their friends and family.
After finding Raina and dueling against the elemental beast of fire, Skye decides to spend time with his dear friend Star. But something lurks in the shadows and Skye knows he cannot stay...

This chapter introduces the chaotic tar'aezas known as Leon Maximus and touches very briefly on the elf, Merenwen Cyral.
Days after the ordeal with Leon, Skye finishes cleaning his home as he has a visitor as well as several unexpected surprises.

No new characters are introduced, though some existing ones are given more show time.
Chapter 4 - The Locket
The four begin their journey to Kronos and Star reveals a gift given to her by her father, while the Zatei are concerned with other things.

This chapter introduces the second last of the main Zatei characters, Dawn the White. It also expands more on the story of Star and of Merenwen.
Chapter 5 - What Eyes Can Tell
Merenwen thinks back to when she first Skye, back when he went by the name of Mav, and of the danger she had always felt he was.

While no new characters are introduced, this chapter does offer the first story showing of Mav Alpha, Skye's previous 'form,' clad in the armour that he was questioned about in chapter 1. It also expands into Merenwen's conflictions with Skye.
Chapter 6 - Awkward Meetings
The group arrives to a lab in Kronos, where Star is left feeling awkward from not really knowing the people she meets as they know much of her.

This chaptor introduces two minor support characters, Laurel Menat and Hans Kain.
Chapter 7 - Of Hope And Fear
Skye and Hans talk of a device Skye was given the last time he was at the lab, and Vaeon is looking in better shape than expected until something horrible occurs.

This chapter introduces one supporting character whose presence is more involved in side stories: Dominic Menat, or Sting as he will eventually be known as.
Chapter 8 - The Hunt Part 1
Star, Vaeon and Merenwen join up with the sarenoids to hunt the Projects, while Skye goes on his own to find out just who was responsible for the explosion on the lab.

This chapter introduces one supporting character whose presence is more involved in side stories: Zeke Griffin, or Talet as he will eventually be known as.
Chapter 9 - The Hunt Part 2
This will be filled in once the chapter is completed.